Beseler 45H

Beseler 23C ll and  Beseler 45H
Beseler 23C ll and
Beseler 45H

The 23C on the left allows a 6×9 negative to be printed, however, I’ve begun to use 70mm 616 film and have lots of very old 116 negatives. Those needed a larger enlarger. So, I went shopping on line you know where. Free shipping was offered. A close inspection of the photos showed a lens and a negative holder were included. I went for it. The enlarger was essentially free in that case. I had to make a video about unboxing it since the box was so huge. It is on my channel. I had two lenses for the 4×5 enlarger already so was ahead of the game. But the instruction book had to be ordered from Canada and I bid on a 4×5 negative carrier, and bought a glass 4×5 negative carrier. The one in the kit is for 6×6 and I will drill, saw, and file it out to fit the 70mm negatives from my Kodak Monitor 616 70mm camera.

Now, it really does not fit vertically. The top goes up into the ceiling. How much it must be raised I do not know yet. I just today made the base.  And I have to play with the thing yet.

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