The Biggest Lenses



This is a new bag I bought to carry the 500mm f5.6 lens attached to the Pentax 6×7 camera body, which is at the bottom inside the bag. The lens is 17 inches long. Above it on a shelf is the Wimberly Head that goes on the tripod shown on the left, carried outside the bag. I don’t like to have it sticking up as it is shown in the literature provided with the bag.

The 600mm f4 lens also fits in place of the 500 lens. It is not too wide a circle to fit in the bottom. The camera rides on top in that configuration. That makes more room available as it is a shorter lens.  That is good because there are extension rings and teleconverters to carry with it.

I’d tried carrying one lens at a time attached to everything without a bag and it does work. I walked quite a ways down Braddock Avenue. Then back up and home. It made me feel a little vulnerable.

According to YouTube videos, this is the way professional wildlife photographers carry super telephoto lenses around to do their work.

After the shoulder straps were adjusted for a long torso the pack is quite comfortable. The weight is on the hips. I believe one could cover great distances carrying this pack and lens camera combination.  Other packs may do as well, I do not know. This Lowepro Lens Trekker 600 AW lll is great.

Now the longest and heaviest lenses may be used with the Pentax 6×7. The available lenses may all be used.  There are many 4, 5 & 600 lenses out there to get and use.


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