On Selling my prints

Prints are for sale. I’m working on making a Gallery to select from.

My goal is to provide collectable fine art prints. If you want to start collecting my photographs you will have to contact me directly by phone or by email. 412-973-4316 or at michael.studiocarter@gmail.com.

Most of the prints that I have made are Resin Coated. Some, only a few so far, are on Fiber Paper. Fiber paper is 100 percent cotton and supposedly lasts longer than Resin Coated paper. The goal is to produce Fiber Based prints. However, there will be many more RC prints getting there. That is the paper that I have the most of. And that is the paper to use to figure out how to print the photographs.

One package of 25 sheets of 16×20 paper is Fiber Based. One print has been made of the Dark Lady. I worked on it again today. It was printed on March 10, 2016 and today I toned it using Selenium. No color change occurred. The paper is Arista EDU Ultra FB Glossy. That is good to know that no color change occurred.

One other package of formally 100 sheets is 8×10 in size and is also Fiber Based. I printed some with it. Toning tests are yet to be done.