Kodak Medalist ll camera


This is my new old camera. It takes 620 film; I wind it from 120 new film. The camera makes huge 6×9 medium format pictures. Here is a page of negatives. It only can make 8 pictures on a roll at a time.

51 negs

The negatives read top to bottom, and left to right, numbers are correct under the images and that is why some are upside down.

my Facebook page shows positive images and there is a link to a video I made about the camera.

What I want to show here are some closeup enlargements that I tried to make from  1200 dpi scans.

51-1 crop

51-5 crop

51-6 crop

51-7 crop

51-8 crop

The last one was made at f22 and 1/50 of a second with the camera on a post. They were scanned through plastic sleeves so could be even sharper. The other landscapes were shot at f5.6 and are the darker negatives. The film is TMY400.

I am eager to try printing some super enlargements in the darkroom.